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Services Offered:

Supplies Filipino workers of various skills to land-based and offshore projects:
   Civil Construction
   Construction (Electrical and Mechanical) & Commisioning (Power Plants, Petro Chemical Plant and Oil Refineries)
   Oil & Gas Pipe Laying - Onshore and Offshore
   Dredging & Reclamation

How do we provide our clients with high standard seafarers?
   Our seafarers are 100% compliant to all rules & requirements by STCW 95 convention, government and other agencies.
   Our seafarers had gone through all the required technical and behavioral screenings and tests.
   Our seafarers are equipped with latest knowledge and skills through trainings and seminars. 
   Our recruitment team is composed of knowledgeable and conversant staffs in sourcing seafarers.

Our way of service:
   We maintain manpower pool of properly screened, qualified and diligently classified candidates as to their disiplines and specialties.
   We share our clients file information system to our clients.
   We have our own website that is accessible to all our clients for faster updates.
   We give continious training to our staff for higher level of competency.