Vision and Core Purpose

 Award and Citations

 The Management


 Human Resource Management

 To Client

 To Seafarer

Nationwide Sourcing and Monitoring of Applicants

Our recruitment center is located at DCL House, 2598 Manchas St., Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Makati City, Philippines. It is manned by competent recruitment staffs who are widely knowledgeable and specialized in sourcing and selecting technical and non-technical candidates.

MRA has implemented a software program that supports the mangement of the entire personnel database of our seabased, offshore and landbased personnel. This system ia s multi-user program that facilitates the administratoion fo the following:

*Personnel Management
*Personel Planning Deployment
*Employment Contracts

This system facilitates the monitoring of the availability of the manpower reserves in its pool. This system prevents backlog in the retrieval of names and notification of workers for specific overseas jobs. A mobilization staff is employed to conduct person-to-person contact with applicants and those selected ones.  

Documentation and Processing

All applicants undergo a thorough screening and selection procedures to include English and technical examination ( depending on the function ), interview with our technical staff and an in-depth interview with our Human Resource personnel as to the attitude or behavioral aspect. Should the candidate pass the screening procedures, upon instruction of client, the candidate can undergo trade testing at pre-approved trade-testing centers with internationally accepted trade-testing standards.

Thorough medical examinations are conducted on the applicants to assure their physical fitness and ability to withstand the rigors of an overseas assignment. When psychological testing is required, an applicant undergoes psychological testing with qualified psychometricians at accredited clinics or hospitals.

MRA proceeds to process the necessary working and travel documents of the applicant with the agencies concerned in the deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers, as pre-requisite to an overseas job. The government agencies include the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration of the Department of Labor and Employment and the foreign embassies concerned. MRA maintains very good relations with the foreign embassies in Manila for obtaining necessary visas.

Special Privileges of MRA in recruiting & Dispatching Personnel Overseas

-As a recipient of the Award of Excellence, MRA enjoys the following privileges from the POEA:

One-day accreditation of our foreign client.

Approval of job orders of foreign clients within the day.

Express processing of employment contract.

Special treatment for all transactions with POEA to ensure prompt and timely dispatch of required workers.

A comprehensive in-house PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION SEMINAR (PDOS) is given to all departing personnel for familiarization of employment terms and conditions and the work environment as required and approved by the POEA.



Country of Employment 

Employment Contract 



Recruitment And Selection

Priority is given to re-hires. If there is none available, only then do MRA consider applicants from the manpower pool of newhires. Otherwise, source for a suitable candidate.

Screening and Selection

Selection Criteria:

Educational Attainment


Licenses / training and certificatation

English communication skills

Technical knowledge (theorotical & practical)

Personality / Attitude

Background check


Competency Management Program

Set standards and qualifications

Do competency assessment (KSAO - Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Other attributes)

Identify gaps

Recommend training 

Performance Appraisal

Training and Development

Career/Succesion Planning

Retention Program

Competitive salary structure and benefits

Career growth opportunity

Continuous employment

Family relations

Contract Administration

Prevent / Minimize legal cases

Attend to repatriation cases

Legal representation


MRA will provide it's client on a regular basis management report that will give the client a clear ovrview of the status of it's personnel.

SOP New Clients


Obtain list of positions required

Job description

Qualififcation requirements (training & licenses)

Desired qualities in a worker

Interviews & testing procedures

Salary and Benefits to be offered

Continuous Assessment

Career advancement opportinities


Employment Contract

Due Process / Grievance procedures

Other documentary requirements

PDOS materials

Content of Client File


Year end review and Planning


MRA being one of the earlier (since 1978) manpower service providers in the Philippines, has a affiliated or sister company duly licensed by the POEA/DOLE:

SEALANES MARINE SERVICES, INC. Crewing manning agent of ocean-going vessel such as bulk, carriers, general cargoes, heavylift vessels, anchor handling tugs supply vessels, passenger ferries.

Pricipals/clients include Spliethoff, Wagenborg, Flinter, P&O Ferries, Stena Line, Jumbo, Damen and Arklow Shipping.

These two Companies called the "DCL Group" has the distinct advantage of having  unified  and clear responsibility for all types and categories of filipino personnel - landbased and/or seabased or offshore personnel, on various overseas projects.

Our employees and personnel have adopted well to the european management styles, and ways of thinking and communicating.There is a good inter-personal relations between our people and other nationalities, contributing to team building and productivity, from top management down to the rank-and-file.

We believe that the DCL Group can assist significantly our clients in the following ways:

*By providing quality and suitable personnel and service reliadbility within the strict specifications and requirements if our clients.

*By controlling costs and having transparency of our manpower operations.

*By assisting, advising, addressing or solving actual or potential personnel concerns and problems.

We offer fresh ideas, effective and professional management, impeccable reputation and high standing in the national and local comminities, coupled with productive and faithful personnel. We work as partners of our clients sharing common objectives, values and priorities.